Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Picnic backpack is like a home on your bach

Carring a picnic backpack on your back is an art, if you are a travellar it is like consider your picnic backpack that you are carring is like your home as people most say like a tortoise carring his home on the back. Most travellars will spend months on the road and to pack all the things in one backpack is needs skill and arts of packing all into the 40litre space of a standrad backpack and still be light enough for you to walk around.

Always consider things to bring alone and don't take unnecessary items with you if you can buy it everywhere. Deciding the cloth you bring alone , like for example you don't have to carry a heavy leather raincoats as you only wanted to shelter the rains, a very light rain coats will do as this will save you alots of space and weight. The best clothing to bring alone is the Micro-fibres. As Micro-fibres clothing are very strong and durable and it is also very light and can be dry very easily. Also consider drawing string pants and trousers that can be converted into shorts.



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